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Movable Floors for Swimming Pools | Automatic Pool Covers ...

A movable floor system enables a pool to be completely closed when it’s not in use. When the movable floor is lowered to the base of the pool, it allows for full-depth swimming and pool games. When raised to deck level, it provides a solid, load-bearing floor - voilà, the family has a multi-purpose space!

Movable Floors | Twinscape

A Hydrofloors® movable floors structure comprises stainless steel beams, which are calculated precisely to match the pool size requirements to allow for a strong load capacity. A higher load capacity at the surface level (250 kg/m2) is achieved by using locking pins sliding automatically in the pool shell walls.

UNIKPOOLS - Movable pool floors

A movable pool floor transforms either your indoor or backyard environment exactly as you want or enhances the value of your home by providing you with a multipurpose swimming pool. This solution converts a normal pool space into an adjustable floor for special occasions.

Movable floor for residential swimming pools en resorts.

The costs of a movable floor depends on your needs, the used materials, the type of top deck you wish and the size of the floor. The best way to get a good indication is to get in contact with us. The finishing of your pool floor After the installation of your movable pool floor is done, the finishing starts.

Movable Swimming Pool Floor | A Great solution for any pool

We have more than 25 years of experience in designing, constructing and installing movable swimming pool floors in all thinkable environments. You can find our movable floors in private pools, public pools, rehabilitation facilities and in luxury yachts. Many movable swimming pool floors are still being used daily, even after 25 years of service.

Custom Pool Systems – Movable floors for high-end swimming ...

Custom Pool Systems is an innovative company focused primarily on the concept, design, and custom manufacturing of complex pool floor systems for multi-purpose use and high design pool covers.Custom Pool Systems also provides high-end pool construction services.We can take on any intricate pool or water feature project from design to construction, to client turnover.

Swimming pool movable floor - All architecture and design ...

swimming pool movable floor MOVING FLOOR MODEL : 1 A Guncast moving floor swimming pool offers versatility, multi-functionality and ultimate safety, at the touch of a button. The " pool " area can be transformed for entertaining... swimming pool movable floor FONDO MOBILE

Movable Floor Added Features - AGOR

In descending, upon pushing the Down Button, AGOR Movable Floors starts move down horizontally till the level of the pool shallow end depth, so until that level all the pool has the same depth, and only at that point the floor edge in the deep end side starts to move gradually downward till maximum depth. By this way the inclination angle is controlled also.

5 reasons to invest in a movable swimming pool floor ...

To invest in a movable floor can be expensive. There can be numerous reasons why to invest in a movable floor. Below you can find 5 reasons why a lot of our clients invest in a movable swimming pool floor. 1. Invest to increase usage of the pool. By installing one or more movable floors, a swimming pool can accommodate a wider range of activities.

Movable floors for Swimming pools - YouTube

The removable bottom Aqualift transforms into a few seconds your terrace out of basin of which you can adjust the depth. Hydraulic system, pleasures of water...

Movable Floor for Pools: pools accessories - Myrtha Pools

Floating Movable Floor for Pools A floating floor structure made of strong, floating fiberglass elements is anchored to the pool floor and controlled by a cable system mechanism housed outside the pool wall. The system allows the movable floor to be set at any desired height, even in a sloping position to create a shallow to deep progression.

Movable floor in swimming pool - Agor Creative Engineering ...

Agor creative engineering present: Movable wooden deck floorPlanning on having a swimming pool, but you wonder how to utilize your backyard or terrace with a...

AQUALIFT | Leader mondial de fonds mobiles pour piscines

Our range of movable floors for private customers can be adapted to suit any layout (geometric shape, complex shape, steps, etc.). There simply are no limits! Our movable pool floors are designed to support a load weighing 150 to 300 kg per square metre.

Movable pool floor - Monterrey - Mexico - UNIKPOOLS

The swimming pool shape is irregular and equipped with a full width movable stair. The basin being overflowing on a hill, the owners wanted to add a movable glass fence to the structure of the movable floor. This fence slides along the walls of the pool and do not obstruct the magnificent view of the surrounding mountains.

Movable floors for public or private swimming pools ...

A movable pool floor or bulkhead increases the flexibility and functionality of any competition, hydrotherapy, public pool as it allows one single pool tank to accommodate several activities simultaneously or at varying depths.

Movable Pool Floor Systems - AKVO Spiralift

Movable Pool Floor Systems - AKVO Spiralift Next generation movable pool floor By vertically raising and lowering a pool floor to adjust the water depth, movable pool floors bring increased flexibility to your pool. Easily accommodate different activities, recuperate lost space and enjoy the peace of mind of increased safety.

Movable Pool Floors | Multi-Purpose Aquatic Facility

Turn your commercial pool into a multi-purpose aquatic facility with ADG – North America’s only manufacturer of Movable Pool Floor Systems. Movable pool floor systems efficiently accommodate any and all aquatic activities and programs, at a project cost that is significantly lower than constructing multiple pools.

Pool Safety Covers Sliding Deck Pool Cover Rolling Deck ...

MOVABLE FLOORS POOL COVERS. ... Now your swimming pool is also your dance pool as a functioning floor. Model no.AMYI-002. Sliding deck pool cover is the safety cover that turns the pool into a surface you can walk on! The bearing capacity of 350 kg/m² (up to). Model no.AMXI-001.

Variopool Moveable Floors - barrandwray.com

The Variopool movable pool floors meet the highest quality standards, also in terms of hygiene. Grids on the pool floor surface guarantee continuous water circulation. The motor of the system is located outside the pool, making it impossible for hydraulic oil to pollute the water. Moreover, the movable floor is equipped with hatches that ...

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