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If you’re looking for a short-term solution, put down stones or gravel in problem areas around your fence. For wood fences damaged by fallen tree limbs, replace boards and fence posts as necessary. For vinyl and chain-link fences, replace the affected panels.

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Some gravel or down stones in problem areas around the fence are an easy and fast fix too. When fallen tree limbs damaged your wood fence, you need to replace the fence posts and the boards. Replace the damaged panels if the fence is chain-link or vinyl. Use some braces or splints for reinforcing broken fence posts if it’s not rotten yet.

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Wood and Bamboo Fences Wood is especially prone to expanding and contracting over time. Weather (either dry or wet) can cause sagging, splitting or warping. It's a good idea to apply stain or sealer soon after installation to protect your wood fence.

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Fence posts naturally weaken and rot, whether they're cut from treated or untreated lumber, installed directly in contact with soil or encased in a concrete footing. It's more or less just a matter of time. Fence posts typically break at the greatest stress point, and once that happens, the adjacent fence sections start leaning over.

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Rot is a wood fence's biggest enemy. Posts that weren't properly treated or set in concrete typically rot away at ground level. Bottom rails and the bottoms of screening can suffer, too, especially if vegetation has been rubbing against them and trapping water.

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Insulators are the plastic pieces that go between wood posts and your fence, T-posts and your fence, trees and your fence, or your fence and other wires. A well built electric fence should have insulators between the fence wire and everything else it touches, except for air. Over years, your insulators may fail.

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Have the fence built so that the wood does not touch the ground, this will reduce the risk of moisture problems such as rotting, warping and splitting Building a Wood Fence Yourself Chad Hoover of Hoover Fence is an authority on wood fencing, both as a DIY project and as built by your fence or landscape contractor.

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HomeAdvisor's Vinyl vs Wood Guide reviews pvc vinyl plank and board fences and cedar, pine, or redwood privacy fences. Compare costs, length of life, home value, durability, maintenance, installation, and more. Explore pros and cons or each, and see how they differ from composite, meta, and chain-link backyard fences.

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(I went bit, wood, fence). My other problem is the outfeed and infeed does not line up. Gerry posted a diagram and I am going to check to see if the fence is put together wrong. I do know the outfeed can be adjusted out further, but it does not recess all the way back. Unless this is normal, I will return tabe for new one.

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Repairing your wooden fence is an investment in your property’s aesthetic appeal, privacy, and security. As a property owner, continuous check on your wooden fence will enable you to notice the problems beforehand. Whether you need repairs or maintenance on your fence, ensure you use the right tools and procedures.

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Inspect the fence and posts regularly for signs of problems. A wood fence can be pressure washed as part of your regular maintenance routine, especially important prior to applying a finish, or refinishing. Use a maximum of 1,000 PSI from 6-10 inches away. You may wish to use soapy water and a scrub brush or a mild bleach solution.

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Structure Problems Fences require regular maintenance. If you stain or paint the fence, you must restain or scrape and repaint it every one to two years. You must also walk the fence every few...

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With metal posts, there is a big problem. The metal posts that support your typical wood fence – are kind of (ahem) unattractive. Wood fence panels slapped alongside “playground style” fence posts don’t exactly create the best look for your yard.

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Rot is a common fungal disease that affects fences made from wood. Different species of fungus grow in specific circumstances and create their own telltale forms of rot. Knowledge of rot basics can help you diagnose the cause of many types of damage in your fencing materials. Knowledge also plays an integral part in prevention.

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There are a number of issues that can arise with the wood of a wood fence because it is a natural, porous material. Warping is a common issue wood fences face. It happens when parts of a wood board experience changes in moisture content, like when one part of the board dries faster than the other.

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The primary factor in a fence’s failure is the weather. Rain can rot wood and the sun's UV rays cause materials to fade. Other problems arise due to insect infestation and inexperienced installers committing errors. Here are some of the most common issues you might experience with your fence. 3 Common Problems that Occur with a Fence 1.

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